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The Daniel Unger Story

Family First Films presents A Hero’s Love, the inspiring true story of how a teenager from Exeter, California sacrificed his own life to defend our freedom. As an Army Specialist, Daniel Paul Unger will always be remembered as the hero that saved two Iraqi men from a terrorist mortar attack. But it was his life testimony of love and integrity that has impacted people from around the country to memorialize him through building and park dedications, tattoos, hall of fame induction, military service and multiple distinguished awards.

A Hero’s Love traces the impact that Daniel had for friends and family as their beloved son, brother, boyfriend and fellow soldiers. It shares the driving force behind why Daniel’s father, Marc joined the California State Military Reserve as a Chaplain (1LT) only six months after Daniel’s untimely death. As an Army Specialist, 5th Degree Black Belt, licensed minister, gifted student and athlete, Daniel Unger accomplished more on this earth in just 19 years than most people would in their entire lifetime. God had a plan for Daniel…and God has a


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