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Chaplain (First Lieutenant) Marc Unger, California State Military Reserve;
Specialist Daniel Paul Unger, California Army National Guard, 1-185th Infantry/US Army;
Private First Class Murray Unger, US Army, Cannon Company, 376th Regiment, Patton's Third Army.

Mural on water tank on Hwy 65 leading into Exeter.
This mural remaining in place for 9 months after Daniel gave his life."

PVT Daniel Paul Unger at Boot Camp, Ft. Benning, GA, Summer, 2003. He loved it!

Daniel with some his fellow Black Belts from Marc Unger Karate, Exeter, CA.
L to R front row: Anna Unger (1st Jr.), Sharon Laney (1st), Teresa Carranza (1st), and Elizabeth Unger (1st Jr.).
L to R back row: Anthony Alberti (5th), Jonathon Cotta, Daniel Unger (4th), David Unger (3rd), and Marc Unger (6th).

Superman forever!

Lynda (mom), Daniel, and Marc (dad) on "Farewell Day," Fort Irwin, CA, March 13, 2004.

Anna (sister), Daniel, and Elizabeth (sister) on "Farewell Day," Fort Irwin, CA.

David (brother) and Daniel on "Farewell Day," Fort Irwin, CA.

The Unger family happy together, always together. From L: Marc, Elizabeth, Daniel, Anna, David and Lynda, Exeter Baptist Church, CA, Spring 2002.

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