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I'll Be Waiting For You In Heaven

A moving tribute to a beloved son and hero, this professionally produced CD features Pastor Marc Unger (composer, lead vocal, 12-string guitar, harmonica and Djembe), David Unger (drums) and friends. The CD has met with acclaim everywhere it has debuted.

Contains “I’ll Be Waiting for You in Heaven” and “Half-Mast: Daniel’s Song” (theme from the award-winning movie, “A Hero’s Love: The Daniel Unger Story”) and more. 

Preview tracks and order album or download tracks at the link below:

Pastor Marc Unger: I

We trust God will bless you as you share this song from our heart with your family, friends and soldiers.

My heart is at half-mast.

Marc laying down guitar track for Half-Mast.

Inspired singing.


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