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Daniel with dad and students on last night at Karate class 3-11-04.


I was saved when I was three years old.

My dad is a pastor and he and mom took me to church all the time. They were always involved in ministry and I always went with them. We had a Bible study every night at our home and I was learning about sin and how to get saved. I knew that sin was the bad things I did and I wanted Jesus to forgive me.

I was lying down on my parents’ bed with my dad. I asked him how to be saved. He asked me questions so I could be sure that I understood. I told him I wanted to trust in Jesus and we prayed together. I prayed that God would forgive my sins and I asked Jesus into my heart. I told him I wanted to live for Him. Now I know that God has forgiven all my sins and that I am going to heaven.

I have seen lots of people get saved. I have shared my faith in Christ with four of my friends who have trusted in Him. I have helped with many others.

I liked working as an assistant to the altar counselors at Franklin Graham Festival ’97. It was fun seeing how many people were there and how many were getting saved. I have fun being our church’s sound technician and enjoy being the disk jockey and our church and association’s Youth Rallies. God has used me to help in another church’s two-week Music Camp and I also help with youth groups. I have shared my faith with Sequoia Baptist Association’s Pre-Teen Camp as a Camp Master. I have participated in many evangelistic Karate demonstrations with my dad in churches, schools, Cal Baptist University and as a platform guest with Champions For Life (formerly Bill Glass Evangelistic Association) in Fresno Juvenile Hall (4X), Caruthers Boot Camp (4X), Valley Teen Ranch (2X), Fresno Main Jail (1X), Santa Rita Jail (1X) and three prisons in Wichita, KS. I’ve also done evangelistic Karate demos at Visalia Juvenile Boot Camp (10X). During these times, I have been able to share my faith with thousands of inmates and pray with many of them as they too have come to trust in Jesus Christ. I sense God’s call on my life concerning the preaching of His Word and in the last two years before my call-up for Army duty I have had the privilege of preaching about once a month. As I continue my military service to my country, I am looking forward to more preaching and hands-on ministry.

On Saddam's throne...

...and on Saddam's other throne.

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